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Your All-in-One Solution for Software License Optimization

Aspera’s intelligent Metric Engine technology allows Aspera SmartTrack to adapt instantly to increasingly complex license metrics and the constant introduction of new products by software publishers – forming the backbone of a flexible, future-proof Software Asset Management solution.

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Aspera SmartTrack: Software License Optimization from the Desktop to the Data Center. SmartTrack supports a fully transparent Software Asset Management process, delivering automatic and accurate deployment of existing license entitlements for immediate cost savings and compliance When software inventory and usage, maintenance and warranties, license entitlements and financial details are kept in spreadsheets and disparate systems, Software Asset Managers spend more time tracking down information and less time ensuring compliance and preventing vendor audits.

With Aspera SmartTrack this vital information is centralized at your fingertips. Take some time to explore Aspera SmartTrack, our Software License Management Tool, which consists of four standard modules including Inventory connect, Contract Management, Data management Dashboard. Over the next 12 months Aspera SmartTrack users will save up to 30% in software licensing costs, while ensuring compliance and preventing audits. We’re certain that SmartTrack can help cut your costs and risks, too.

SmartTrack Flow Control: Create the perfect end-to-end process with efficient and transparent process integration. Software Asset Management (SAM) is a cross-departmental process that requires the integration of numerous systems that need to be integrated depend on the individual company’s processes.

Within the framework of SmartTrack, the Flow Control (FC) extension module is the ideal integration tool, offering almost unlimited connection variations to communicate with external systems-- thereby increasing automation efficiency and transparency.

SmartTrack Audit Defense Module (ADM) effectively guides companies through software audits so they no longer present an incalculable risk. The ADM extension module enables users to settle audits on a level footing by combining the compliance calculations in SmartTrack with the individual audit requirements of specific software publishers.

Essential reports can be produced with a mouse click, and in the format the software publisher requires. Tool-based simulation of audit conditions can be created so that every change in the audit data can be tracked within Aspera SmartTrack and easily reconstructed.

SmartTrack Optimization & Simulation Module (OSM) picks up where other technologies leave off--changing the static picture of your compliance balance into a motion picture.

The OSM leverages features that help you optimize your server licenses for significant cost savings and help you analyze endless licensing options to evaluate the effects of an ever-changing infrastructure on the demand for licenses.

SmartTrack Financial Module (FM) combines the cost perspective of software usage with compliance and software portfolio management, enabling transparent software cost mapping.

With the Financial Module you get fast and accurate answers to your software spend and budget planning questions.

SmartTrack Engineering-PlugIn: Complete recording and management of floating licenses.When it comes to Software License Management for engineering applications, customers face significant challenges.

The Engineering Plugin for SmartTrack monitors licenses that are allocated by license servers and analyzes their usage, uncovering substantial cost saving potential.

SmartTrack SAP-PlugIn: License optimization for SAP. With the integrated SAP Plugin SmartTrack optimizes SAP user data, delivering compliant licensing of SAP systems and uncovering significant saving potential. Download SAP info here>>

By analyzing SAP usage data, Aspera SmartTrack identifies duplicate and idle users in order to reduce the license demand and assign the optimal license type for each user.

Aspera Master Catalog The Only Software License Management Tool with Innovative Metric Engine Technology.

Aspera’s intelligent Metric Engine technology allows Aspera SmartTrack to adapt instantly to increasingly complex license metrics and the constant introduction of new products by software publishers – forming the backbone of a flexible, future-proof Software Asset Management solution.

SmartTrack 4 introduces a totally redesigned, intuitive and attractive interface forfaster, simpler software license management.

Aspera has always delivered strategic savings to large enterprises, and now we look good doing it. SmartTrack 4’s thoughtfully redesigned interface adds user-friendly features such as intuitive menus, a customizable dashboard, a Search field, and time-saving Favorites — giving you automatic access to vital licensing data.

New features in SmartTrack 4 include:

NEW user-friendly interface with frequently used features in easy-to-access menus, and an option to bookmark for a faster workflow
NEW custom dashboard to immediately see the info and KPIs you want by choosing widgets like easy-access reports and auto-filters
NEW flexibility with Favorites that remember your chosen elements such as tables, filter results, table layouts, and column order
NEW Search feature that locates the menu items you need, and even searches your saved Favorites, so you work smarter and faster
NEW easy-to-create forms, with required and important fields shown first, and advanced fields available in expandable sections

More than just a pretty face with new features

The new SmartTrack 4 streamlines your workload while giving you total control over your SAM process. Its 100% web-based platform delivers unrivaled data quality and license compliance, with an improved workflow and menu options that can be personalized for individual roles.

Great workflow features include:

  • Quick access to popular tables — like Contracts and Licenses — and Favorites that mark your most-used tables
  • Admin control of permissions for a specific user, role or application, showing menu options relevant to your immediate tasks
  • 100% web based platform that operates through your local browser, providing complete security and admin access control with no installation on the user side
  • Up-to-date browser optimization for current browser technology, while still fully compatible with many legacy browsers used in enterprise environments

Aspera SmartTrack is Servicenow certified